We distribute EU certified CBD products to interested consumers over 18 years. We see our actions as contemporary in order to contribute to an understanding and conscious approach to the various properties of CBD cannabis.

CBDario consists of a team of dedicated, versatile and motivated people with a conviction – to carry the discourse on cannabis in the center of society. We are convinced that this cultural change is relevant to the lifestyle of many.


Numerous studies are investigating its medical effects. However, there is still insufficient clinical trials to confirm possible medical effects of cannabis on humans. The current findings are based on cell and animal experiments. Therefore, we are not allowed to make statements about possible efficacies nor recommendations for consumption.

However, we refer everyone to physicians who have medical knowledge of CBD. Our offer of CBD variants provides this as an aroma product. CBD is classified as a non-psychotropic substance, therefore not affected by the narcotic drug regulation. Our products fall below the THC maximum value of 0.3% and can thus be purchased without violation of any law.


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