CBD products at Dutch Natural Healing

At Dutch Natural Healing, we sell a range of CBD products. Read below for more information about our CBD products, which are made from the best organic hemp heads that we grow ourselves. So our products aren’t made from industrial hemp, but from our own top quality plants. At Dutch Natural Healing, we sell the best CBD products, every day!

CBD oil

CBD oil is probably the best-known CBD product. Many get to know the power of CBD through our CBD oil. CBD oil is made from our organic, certified hemp. You take the CBD drops by oral application, daily under your tongue. There are CBD oils with a lower and a higher percentage of CBD. CBD oil is a good product to test CBD for the first time. Do you want to buy quality CBD oil? Dutch Natural Healing is the website for you!

CBD paste

We also sell CBD paste, this is one of our stronger CBD products in our pure CBD product range. CBD paste is obtained through CO2 extraction. The CBD concentrate then becomes a paste, which has a thick structure. That’s why we sell our CBD paste in a syringe. You can also build up the amount of CBD paste you use.

CBG oil

Our CBG oil contains a combination of cannabigerol (CBG) and all other active ingredients and cannabinoids present in cannabis.

CBD crystals

CBD crystals are also obtained by CBD extraction. The crystals are isolated from fiber hemp and purified. Our crystals are produced organically and have a minimum CBD percentage of 16.5%. The crystals can be used in a vaporizer or you can make CBD oil yourself.


CBDActive+ is one of our newest CBD products. This innovative product can be dissolved in water, which makes it easier drinkable. This way the CBDActive+ is 100% absorbed by your body. These drops also taste nicer than other CBD products.

CBD oil for pets

A special kind of CBD products is the CBD oil for pets. This oil is specifically developed for pets and is made with the highest possible quality salmon oil. The concentration CBD in the CBD oil for pets is also perfect for pets. Looking for CBD oil for dogs? We’ve got you covered.

Special products from Dutch Natural Healing

At Dutch Natural Healing, we also sell other CBD products. For example, we sell the Curcumin edition, with CBD oil and Curcumin oil. Be sure to check out all our special CBD products!

Buying CBD legal at Dutch Natural Healing

Wondering about the legal status of CBD products? Then we’ve got good news for you: our CBD products are legal in the UK and in most European countries. CBD products such as CBD oil are different than THC oil, because our CBD products do not contain THC. They are made from cannabidiol CBD from the hemp plant and not from cannabis plants. Our CBD products therefore have no psychoactive effect; you can not get high or stoned from our products because CBD oil is hemp oil. This is the big difference between CBD and THC products. Not only our CBD oil is legal, but all our CBD products are.

Benefits of CBD products

Curious about the health benefits of CBD? CBD is said to help with all kinds of pain relief and may also help with treating epilepsy like childhood epilepsy and other movement disorders. CBD may also help in case of a sleep disorder, chronic pain and anxiety disorders. The effectiveness of CBD may vary per person. Do you have a medical condition? Then you can try out CBD products! Taking CBD may have a positive effect. There’s a reason CBD users swear by the CBD products of Dutch Natural Healing! At Dutch Natural Healing, we believe in the powers of CBD.

Service of Dutch Natural Healing

Buying CBD products from Dutch Natural Healing is choosing for quality. Our CBD products are not only the richest in terpenes, but we also offer the richest variation in cannabinoids in our CBD products. Moreover, we promise that our CBD products give the best entourage effect. Curious about the conditions of Dutch Natural Healing? Take a look at our Terms of Service! And do you have any questions for us? Contact us by mail, we will gladly give you personal advice. You can also contact us for the latest CBD lab reports and clinical trials about products containing CBD.


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