Elixinol’s Business Philosophy and Guiding Principles

Elixinol’s Core Values support our customer-first belief system. We believe in superior product sourcing, product traceability, pharmaceutical-grade testing, and Global Manufacturing Processing standards to ensure your customers receive consistent and safe hemp-derived CBD products.

Here are the Core Values that guide Elixinol:

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Clear Vision

Our vision is to globally educate, inspire and empower others to live naturally healthy, happy lives. We actively educate and support people and organizations who believe in a natural product lifestyle, too.

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Commitment To Excellence

We have an unwavering commitment to producing only the highest-quality hemp products with the most passionate and value-driven professionals in the industry. Our team’s personal commitment to excellence shines through in every product.

Every member of our team shares Elixinol’s values for wellness in body, planet, and community. We support team members with a professional environment that empowers personal and professional growth. Elixinol creates self-driven leaders who make passion-driven products every day.

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Superior Product Sourcing

Elixinol is a seed-to-sale hemp extract company. We grow our own premium hemp with experienced cultivators in Colorado, one of the finest hemp growing regions in the U.S. Growing our own hemp and extracting it ourselves ensures the entire supply chain meets Elixinol’s top-tier quality control standards.

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Expert Product Development

We develop products with research and testing using the most effective blends of natural ingredients. We never rush a product to market, and we always ensure premium product quality, with consistency guarantees.

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Strong Channel Partners

We know our strength is built through others. We value long-term relationships with strong partners who support our vision of excellence around the globe. We offer our partners training, world-class materials, customer service, and fulfillment so they can focus on their strengths.

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World-Class Customer Experience

Our commitment is to “wow!” every customer and treat them like members of our own family. We provide a money-back guarantee* for all products.

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