Our name and logo are special to us and were designed to highlight WHY and HOW we operate. The P highlighted by the drop reminds us of our PROMISE to PRODUCE PURE PRODUCTS that help people ‘Experience Life Again’.

We believe lucidity builds a community of trust. It’s within that community we thrive. We have made a conscious choice to be LUCID in everything we do. That is why LUCID is part of our name and why the drop in our logo allows the letter P to show through the drop.

We promise we will never hide any information from our customers.


Always maintain a clear VISIONLUCID actions, and SYNERGISTIC partnerships.


Honest EDUCATION coupled with quality PRODUCTS develops a self-aware, healthy, forward thinking COMMUNITY.


Bringing hope to those who have been waiting to  ‘EXPERIENCE LIFE AGAIN’ by providing the natural health benefits of the hemp plant.  


There are countless CBD products out there, so why choose Hemplucid?

Not all CBD or CBD companies are created equal. Hemplucid has a passion for optimal health and guarantees the highest levels of safety and quality in our products. We also believe in providing lucid information about hemp to allow everyone to make educated decisions regarding their health. There are too many companies claiming that hemp can heal anything under the sun. We are not that type of company.

We are not in the business of making a quick buck. Many companies will rise and fall in an attempt to cash in on what they see as an overnight fad. Instead, we believe in the vitality of the hemp industry and we want to make sure it is around forever. As the industry changes, we promise to pass on any savings we experience to continue providing our customers with valuable information and affordable, high-quality products.


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