Palmetto Harmony was borne of a mother’s desire to alleviate her child’s debilitating seizures. Pharmaceuticals had failed Janel Ralph’s daughter Harmony, as had impure hemp-derived cannabidiol products. However, Janel knew there was hope in hemp for Harmony and others like her, so she persevered.

In 2015, while South Carolina had yet to create a mechanism for regulating hemp cultivation, Janel wanted Harmony’s path to wellness to start from the comfort of her home in the Palmetto State. As a result, she founded Palmetto Synergistic Research and created her Palmetto Harmony product line. She began sourcing federally compliant hemp flowers, no stalks or stems, from Kentucky to produce a super charged full spectrum cannabidiol oil. Palmetto Harmony drove the narrative to require third-party lab tested by an ISO certified lab due to Janel’s struggle to find safe, tested product for Harmony. Today they have the most rigorous testing protocol in the industry.

In 2017, with Janel as a driving force behind the legalization of hemp cultivation in South Carolina, Harmony’s father and siblings joined the team at Palmetto Synergistic Research to bring Palmetto Harmony home completely, controlling its production process from seed to sale in South Carolina. Palmetto Harmony has now become the most trusted brand in the CBD space with an unmatched product quality powered purely by American hemp flowers.

Harmony’s daily dose of Palmetto Harmony has resulted in a 90% reduction in seizures and an 80% reduction in pharmaceutical intake. Her quality of life has improved almost beyond belief, but we believe it because we see it in her smile, her laugh and her love. We also see it in the reports from her physicians.

This gift extends beyond Harmony, as thousands of people with debilitating conditions use Palmetto Harmony products to improve their daily quality of life.


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